About Us


Who Are We?

We're empowering educators and young people through education and storytelling to honour the richness of Indigenous Australia

Our Story

What sets us apart is our shared journey as a family

We're united by a story that's not just on paper, but woven into our lives. Our co-founders, Brenda Matthews, Amy Matthews, and Kiara Matthews, share a unique bond that goes beyond business.

Brenda, Mingaan to her story and accomplished author of "The Last Daughter," brings her profound insights and cultural knowledge to the resources. Amy and Kiara, Mingaan in education, are both qualified educators, who infuse their teaching expertise and cultural understanding into every resource created.

Our resources reflect not only Indigenous perspectives, but also our deep connection to the narrative. We strive to bridge the gap between the education system and cultural knowledge, through connection, impact and change in classrooms across Australia.